Thursday, August 16, 2007

Stranger Than Fiction

Yes, I know I'm little behind on movie watching but I finally saw Stranger Than Fiction. (Thanks to Lara Santiago and her awesome DVD collection. And her willingness to share.)

It was an interesting premise - the main character of an author's book turns out to be a real person, and her writing seems to dictate the course of his life.

Got me thinking. Of all my main characters, which one of them would I most like to come to life? Um...that's sort of scary when you boil it down. I'd have to go with my Texas-born Manhattanite chef hottie, because otherwise I'd end up with a half-elf mercenary, a 1000-year-old Viking chieftain, a nightclub-owning werewolf, a grim reaper...See what I mean? Of course, my heroines tend to be a little more normal.

Which of your characters would you most like to meet as a real person? Or most not like to meet?


  1. Wow. Great minds think alike.
    I was about to blog about this movie. :) I'm glad you liked it.

    Let's see characters coming to life...I have a couple of chocolate kissing alien, several genetically engineered future men, a wolf shifter...and a fireman.
    I think I'll choose the fireman. He's hot and he's human. :)

  2. Of all my characters, the one I like the best and the one I'd most like to meet is a secondary character - my heroine's boss and friend. In many ways, his personality reminds me of my husband. =o)

    The character I wouldn't want to meet is the villian from my second book - the eco-terrorist. He's creepy and he makes my skin crawl.

  3. Oh I loved that movie! So clever.

    I'm not sure which character I'd like to meet. My current heroine came to me in a dream last week and tried to kill me, which is odd since I'm not writing a thriller. So she's not my favorite person right now.

  4. I loved that movie when I saw it in the theater! Although, I'm not sure I'd want any of my characters to come to life, because they might not be too pleased with some of the things I've done to them, or some of the predicaments in which I've left them when I've gone a few too many days inbetween writing. I mean come on, how long can you leave your heroine fuming in the bathtub before she turns into a freezing prune? Or leave your hero slugging it out with a serial killer or evil spirit? They kind of frown upon things like that. ;-)


  5. That was a very interesting movie premise. A little scary for writers, I think.

    Maybe because I'm editing Between the Gutter and the Sky, I'd like to bring Sam to life. He's so supportive and optimistic, so loving and emtionally strong, he's like a soft place to fall on when you're shattering. And he has such a big heart in such a big hunky body, the kind of guy who could wrap you up and keep you safe. Make you feel like the most precious woman in the world. Yeah, I love Sam.