Friday, August 31, 2007

Writing Exercises

Put your writerly thinking caps on and try your hand at these little exercises!

Choose A New Word:

1. Flat as a ___________________
2. Hard as a _________________
3. Nutty as a __________________
4. Soft as a __________________
5. Lazy as a _________________

Reinvent The Phrase:

1. All that glitters is not gold
2. Thorn in your side
3. Throw the baby out with the bathwater
4. Cry like a baby
5. Barking up the wrong tree

I'll be sure to tell you which one I like best or I think is most inventive.


  1. New Words (I couldn't do it in one):
    1. Flat as Nebraska farmland.
    2. Hard as a swimmer's stomach.
    3. Nutty as Aunt Mable's cookies.
    4. Soft as a bunny's belly.
    5. Lazy as a teenager with chores.

    1. Every sale ain't a bargain.
    2. Sand in your bathing suit.
    3. Toss the diamonds in with the coal.
    4. Shriek like a Topeka siren.
    5. Looking down the wrong aisle at Walmart.

    That was hard.

  2. B.E. - Wow! Those are great! I love "looking down the wrong aisle in Walmart" - especially considering yesterdays's post.

    Nicely done!!

  3. 1. Flat as a Kansas highway.
    2. Hard as a Christmas fruitcake.
    3. Nutty as a a jar of cashews.
    4. Soft as a kitten's fur.
    5. Lazy as a couch potato contemplating exercise.

    Reinvent The Phrase:

    1. The outside isn't what counts.
    2. Burr in the butt.
    3. Throw the chocolate out with the wrapper.
    4. Wail like a shop-o-holic during a closed store holiday.
    5. Looking for diamonds at the dump.

    That was WAY hard. :)
    And I sound goofy. :)

  4. Lara - You don't sound goofy! Those are great. And a hex on anyone who would throw chocolate out with the wrapper!

  5. New words:
    1.Flat as yesterday's soda
    2.Hard as cat claws
    3.Nutty as my Uncle Joe...and that's pretty nutty.
    4.Soft as icecream cones in summer
    5.Lazy as a spoiled popstar

    1.Every story is not worth reading.
    2.Rock in your shoe.
    3.Feed the steak to the dog...I know, that one's lame.
    4.Whine like a man with a cold.
    5.Asking the government to be honest.

    Wow, that was more difficult than I thought it would be.

  6. Marie - I love, LOVE "flat as yesterday's soda" - Well done!

  7. 1. Flat as an old, white lady's butt.
    2. Hard as an algebra test.
    3. Nutty as half the people in my family.
    4. Soft as an old, white lady's boob.
    5. Lazy as my husband.

    Reinvent The Phrase:

    1. Every diamond doesn't say, "I love you."
    2. Pain in the ass.
    3. Shoot yourself in the foot to make your head feel better.
    4. Whine like a Mama's boy.
    5. Trying to find treasure in the trash dump.

  8. Choose A New Word:

    1. Flat as West Virginia road kill.
    2. Hard as an SAT math exam.
    3. Nutty as a jar of Skippy's.
    4. Soft as a bunny's ear.
    5. Lazy as a cool breeze tripping along a summer's day.

    Reinvent The Phrase:

    1. Shiny diamonds come from black coal.
    2. Popcorn in your teeth.
    3. Let the captain go down with the ship.
    4. Howl like Justin Timberlake with his b@lls in a vise.
    5. Not in my target demographic.

  9. 1. Flat as a well-trod carpet
    2. Hard as a turgid manroot
    3. Nutty as a turgid manroot
    4. Soft as an un-turgid manroot
    5. Lazy as the owner of the un-turgid manroot

    No? *g

    1. All that glitters is not sold
    2. Thorn in my pride
    3. Throw your back out with that cabana boy
    4. Cry like a weeping willow
    5. Spanking the wrong baby

    More no?

    *runs away*