Friday, January 11, 2008

Dinner, Anyone?

In my defense, I had not been in the kitchen in some time when I walked in and found this beast on my range. I think Scooter has some secret weird desire to become dinner. Besides laying on the range, he also cries to get into the oven. We have a double oven, you can see it there on the side. He'll sit in front of the bottom one, pawing at it and mewling until you open the door and let him get in.

I love my furbaby, even if he is a little mental. And if you come for dinner, I promise to clean.



  1. Your cat is crazy! I can't believe he likes to get in the oven! But he sure is handsome. I always tell my male cats they're handsome...LOL

    We have the same coffee maker, BTW. :)

  2. The burners are on and he is absorbing the power to make his eyes glow.

  3. I had to talk about this pic on my blog today.

  4. apple/tree

    that's all I'm saying.

  5. No wonder when you travel, you bring your knife along. Who knows what that cat would do with it in your absence?!

  6. I just hope no one turns the oven on by accident while he's in there!

  7. That's what you get for calling tomato sauce Catsup, or is that Ketchup? or catch up?

    and yeah, sounds to me like he's only half baked (on Oz expression for nuts :-))

  8. At least your stove looks clean. He'd be eating the crumbs off of mine.

  9. Too funny!

    But you know, there is a logical reason for this, just don't tell your baby hehe.

    Cats dig warm spots! They can't really tell when things are too hot, so they still want to get near the heat. So your baby wanting to be in the oven is sorta normal because he just wants near the heat.

    My cat likes to sniff the light bulbs and has blistered her lip before (we had left the room when she did this). Lesson: Turn off all lamps when kitties are to be left in rooms by themselves.

  10. I like your kitchen. The cat looks good in it. LOL

  11. Don't blame me, blame Toni Sue! LOL
    She tagged me! So now I'm tagging you!
    My blog you'll see, the rules that's due
    Open up your chi and let it flow through you! :D

    LOL if you can stand to visit my blog, I've tagged you!
    Thanks for enduring! ;)

    I love that pic!!

  12. I came by way of Jill :) Plus I know you're always good for a laugh, which I needed today.

    Your kitty looks like MY kitty. And my kitty is weird, too. He eats things. Weird things. Green beans. Iceberg lettuce. Popcorn. Our shoes. Papertowels. He'd also like to get in the oven. Just wanted to let you know your cat is not alone in his neuroses.