Monday, January 14, 2008

A Writer's Work Is Never Done

How often have you discovered that even when you think you're done with a story, you're not?

For me, this seems like a constant. Guess I should just figure I'm never really done with a story. Recently I revised 115 pages in two different books, then edited a 29 page synopsis down to 8 pages. (The first version was a originally single-spaced, which is why it went to 29 pages when double-spaced.)

What have you worked on recently?


  1. I'm working on a manuscript that makes my eyes bleed because I've gone over it so many times. I got a request for the full, so I'm having to read it ALL OVER AGAIN. I still see things in there that need tweaking. And what's this? Like the 50th time I've read through it. You're right. It's never ending.

  2. Sometimes I feel like the better question would be 'what am I not working on', but I finally forced myself to focus on one project. Thank goodness, too, because I got the book to the point where I can query it. Now I'm working on submission materials, and I'm editing another book that I cranked out in my writing fury last fall.

    No rest for the wicked? Or is that weary? ;o)

  3. You're busy! And yes it never ends, there's always something to revise or tweak or chop or whatever...

    I'm working on a novella and a partial that has been R&R'd. Aaack! LOL

  4. I've been working on a new project for a couple of months now. Sadly, I've gotten almost nowhere on it, but I think that's mostly due to the holidays and rethinking and reconceptualizing (something I do OFTEN when just starting out with something new). Hopefully, it will all start to just "click" soon.

    Good luck with those revisions!

  5. A 29 page synopsis... the mind boggles.