Thursday, January 24, 2008

Project 501

I haven't done a Project Runway wrap up in a while due to the holidays, but it's time to get back to it!

Last night's show was decent, if not a touch snooze-inducing. Just when you thought Chris (the hefty costume designing drag queen) and Christian (the little anime twit come to life) were going to get into it, they don't. Bo-ring! Although Chris's comment that someone needed to give Christian a bottle and put him to bed was classic! I like Chris more all the time, even when his designs are not so fabulous.

Last night's challenge was sponsor by Levi's. Let's recap the outfits, shall we?
Sweet P did this number originally as a wedding dress. I swear, that girl needs to get her head off the commune. A patchwork denim wedding dress? Yikes. Anyway, she wisely took Tim Gunn's advice and shortened it. Now? Very wearable. So cute for summer, don't you think?
This is Jillian's coat. Shocker, I know, since she just did a coat last week. That coat was crave-able, this coat? Looks like a bad 4-H sewing club project. (Not that my denim book bag looked anything like this coat, but it might have if my mother hadn't made me stick to the pattern.)
Christian can't stop calling the clothes he designs "fierce." Is this fierce? Well, I guess if making your crotch look square, your torso boxy and your shoulders Dynasty-licious is fierce, then it works. Otherwise, this is a no for me.
Chris was so close with this one. If only he'd done something different with that neck wrapping bit and fixed the frayed seams. Christian, take note - see those shoes? That's what fierce looks like.
Ricky won this week! Which of course meant we had to watch him cry about 12 times. I'm really over his tears and his hats. However, this outfit rocks. Hard. He even styled it well, channeling a little pre-crack Amy Winehouse with the hair and make-up. Nicely done, Mr. Tammie Faye of the fashion world.
Once again, Rami pulls off an impeccable garment. Actually, he could sew burlap sacks into bicycle shorts and I'd be happy so long as I got to look at him. He's a delicious dish, that Rami.
And, the snoozer - I mean, loser. Victoria made herself a coat to go home in, because that's exactly where this trench coat mess took her. Gosh, Victoria! I thought you had so much more potential. But this? Yuck.

Would you wear any of these? I would!


  1. I guess I'm a snoozer too cuz I love Victorya's coat and hated Jillian's. Blech. I also really dug Sweet P's final product and Ricky's (tho he drives me stark raving mad) Christian's looks like Christian...I though he should model it, frankly. I liked Chris's dress, but it just needed some tweaking.

    To me, Victorya's coat was Classic and timeless. I would wear it today. It surprised me that she went home.

    Rami's dress really kinda bugged. I liked the skirt, but that top? blech.

  2. I totally loved Ricky's design and would wear it out! I was rooting for Victorya and hoped they'd give her a chance, so I was really disappointed :( I'm not digging that girl with the curls. She bugs me because she seems a bit uninspired on every project. Maybe it's just her personality but I don't care for her! Swee P's dress was great too, but what the heck was she wearing at elimination???? I guess designers don't need to be snazzy dressers themselves.

  3. I love Ricky's design and picture number two. I forgot the name, but still. Those are grand and what is this? Denim?

  4. Buh-bye Victorya!

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  5. I think the judges got it right last night. What's great about Sweet Pea's dress is that it's very slimming with the dark patches on either side of the waist. I don't know what happened to Victorya and Gillian last night. I think the denim project through them both for a loop.

  6. Sweet P was smart for listening to Tim. I am always amazing how many times they don't listen. That's what happened with Chris and his pockets.

  7. Chiming in late here to say great recap. What will we do without PR this week?