Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's Getting Hot In Here

We've been talking about sexual tension on my chapter loop lately. Ah, sexual tension. That all important X factor that puts the sizzle in a story. What is it? How do you create it? What makes it work?

Several of our pubbed authors (Leslie Kelly and Roxanne St. Claire) posted excepts that left the loop smoking! Need an example of sexual tension? Pick up one of their books!

Here are some links to articles on the subject:

This is a podcast:

So how do you create sexual tension between your hero and heroine? Do you have a favorite way of doing it? Who are some authors that have mastered the technique? Talk to me!


  1. I have them doing one thing and thinking another-so that way when their hands brush it makes your heart palpitate. Then I string them along like that for as long as I can.

  2. Hey, I have my characters get all teasing on a crowded place and well doing hidden stuff from walking passers by is well sexual tension.

  3. I nearly peed my pants when Mr Darcy grabbed Lizzy's hand to help her into the carriage. It's not what's done, but the intention behind it, the emotions that drive it, that breathless anticipation of more.