Thursday, January 17, 2008

Five Servings A Day

Since the start of the new year, Hotrod and I have been really trying to eat better. Yeah, I know a lot of people make that a resolution, but we've really been doing it. Of course, I'm doing all the cooking. Shocker.

We've been eating oatmeal and fresh fruit for breakfast every morning - something Hotrod really grumped about at first. Lunch is a big salad, or a veggie & bean soup, or like yesterday veggie-stuffed portabella mushrooms and brown basmati rice. Dinner is usually something similiar. Last night, for a treat, I made brown rice pudding with soy milk. Hotrod not only ate it, but liked it. Wow!

I'm doing my best to buy organic when I can, to make sure all our grain products are whole and to keep the fridge stocked with fruits and veggies for quick snacking. I'm also buying free-range and/or meats raised without antibiotics. Which basically means we're not eating that much meat any more, and when we do it eat it, it's chicken, shrimp and occasionally buffalo (I've found some safe beef but not that much). I do still buy fish, because I think for the most part the benefits outweigh the bad.

Anyway, it's been interesting. Hotrod and I both agree we feel better, although the weight loss has been a little less than I'd hoped for. Ah well. At least we'll be healthier. Have you kept up with your New Year's resolutions? What were they?


  1. Good joob, Kristen. I began eating better in September in hopes the habit would stick by New Year's. (I had to trick myself.)

    Organic is definitely the way to go. :)

  2. I've been eating healthy the past 2 years and it's really paid off for me. Just stick with it.

    My goal this year is to move more. It's just so easy, on these cold days, to curl up with an afghan and a good book. Now I put a book on my iPod and I'm off. Whatever works, right?

  3. I don't make them because I can never keep them. :-)

  4. We're doing the same thing, Kristen. We got off the beef 12 years ago and are pretty much chicken and fish kind of people. Even chicken is iffy these days. But we've been eating more veggies and I'm trying stop picking up the phone and having things delivered. That's the laziness/tired after work factor coming in to play.

    Good luck and keep up the good work!

    = )