Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not My Usual Subject

I'm in love with a candle. I know, this is kind of an odd topic for a writer's blog, but lately, I've been burning this vanilla lime Yankee jar candle while I work and I swear the scent of it helps me work better. Am I nuts?

It just smells so good - it's kind of a fresh scent because of the lime. I feel like it helps me focus. (Except, of course, when one of my cats has to jump up on my desk, sniff the burning candle and singes off a few whiskers.) I have edited a nearly 500 page book in about five days while burning this candle. Coinkydink? I think not.

Am I alone in this? Do you burn scented candles while you work? Have you ever tried it? Do you think it's possible scent can help you focus and be more productive?


  1. You. Last time you posted about soup-I made it. Now this.

    It's the lime. The citrus makes you brighten up. mebbe...

  2. You know, I actually started working to candles that are not lit but are on a candle wamer.

    Love it. Definitely effects my mood.

  3. I only burn my Yankee candles (Cranberry citrus is one of my favs) when the mood stikes, but I can see where a scent might make you more alert and thus more productive.

    Maybe I should go burn one now...

  4. Scented candles can sometimes give me a sinus headache, but that one actually sounds good. I'm a sucker for lime.

  5. I haven't been able to light any in the house. Family say it's disturbing them, but I like lavender and sandalwood scent, so when I get a big house with my own working room those will be candles burning.

  6. I use candles all the time. I have an abundance of them around the house cause I make them.

    I have used melon, peach and raspberry and really delicious bergamot rose candle when I write sometimes. But I don't use them when I write all the time. Mostly it's when I give massages.

  7. Well I do love a yummy smelling Yankee candle, I'll have to try that one out...

    I'm going to have to give that a try. I burn candles in the house but not necessarily in the office while I work. Hmmm.

  8. Blah! I don't like the smell of Vanilla, but it's all yours, babe! I purchase candles at random and don't look to see what kind they are. There's one I like a lot and I'm thinking it's cherries or cranberries but it smells like heaven! Sometimes I light sandalwood incense which always gives my place a cozy, welcoming feel.

  9. Never wrote alongside a scented candle but I'm willing to try anything if it will help the words flow.

  10. I love candles and have them all over the house. If I'm not going to be in a particular room constantly, I use candle warmers like Heather mentioned.

    Black cherry is my favorite, but I've already lit the apple pie one and my son came home from school (this was a few years ago) and was so excited because I made a pie. He was crushed when he found out it was only a candle. He's probably still in therapy.

  11. Mmm...loves me some Yankee Candle. Walking in their store in the mall is like a sense overload and I love it!

    I have candles on my writing table, but I don't really use them that often. I have candles all over my house and most nights, even if we're eating take-out, my hubby will like a few dinner votives.

    I think it's perfectly natural to love a candle. I hope it's a long, happy relationship.

    = )