Friday, January 18, 2008

What's Your Pleasure?

Today's burning question is for you, the blog reader. (Which is basically all of us.) What topics interest you most when you're blog hopping?

*personal anicdotes
*book reviews
*writing topics
*celebrity gossip
*pics of hot guys
*food-related topics
*fashion-related topics
*scandalous topics (ie: the recent plagiarism kerfluffle)

If you really want to be helpful, feel free to rank these in order of reading interest. Thanks!


  1. 1) Personal
    2) TV/Movie (Project Runway)
    3) Scandalous topics
    4) Pics of hot guys
    5) Food related
    6/7) Book review and writing
    8/9) Celebrity gossip and fashion

    But keep in mind that I'm a reader who writes about books and not a writer who actually writes the books. (Confused yet?)

  2. Writing topics, Movie stuff, book recommendations and hot guy/celeb pics. Basically what I post on my own blog is what I'm interested in. LOL

  3. Gossip of any kind, hot guys, FOOD, humor...

    Although, if you post hot guys I'd most likely won't get any work done! :)

  4. This is my first time being on your blog and I am already liking it here. I think I will be the boring one on the list since I am a book worm/ struggling writer.

    1) Writing and book reviews
    2) Scandalous Topics (including publishing world like the plagiarism scandal)
    3) TV/Movies
    4) Pics of hot people
    5) Food
    6) Celebrity gossip and fashion

  5. Thanks, everyone, for stopping by!

  6. Writing
    Books chit chat
    Cool things you see on the web

  7. Writing stuff
    Personal stuggles
    Hot guys (okay, so these may NOT be in order)