Saturday, August 22, 2009

Caturday! Sort of.

Today's very late edition of Caturday is brought to you by the letter L. L is for the lizard that hangs out in the bird feeder in front of my office window and amuses my kittehs. Thank you, Mr. Lizard. Every day you show up is a few more hours I can write without paws on my keyboard.


  1. Kitteh TV, starring Mr. Lizard. I don't think I get that channel up here.

  2. At least he has a safe place by you. My kids catch the lizards here and play with them for a while. :-) But they don't hurt them.

  3. We have the kind of lizard here that their tail breaks off when a kitty catches them. The cat eats the tail, and the lizard runs away.