Monday, August 10, 2009

I need your votes!

The cover of ALL FIRED UP is involved in a "cover clash" this week over at Embrace The Shadows and I need your votes! Click HERE to check it out and register your vote.

Just remember, every time another cover gets a vote, a kitten dies. You don't want to kill a kitten, do you?

I didn't think so. ;o)

Also, there's still time to enter the ARC contest I'm running. Win an advanced copy of ALL FIRED UP! Check that out HERE.

Happy Monday!


  1. A cover clash! LOL Heading over now!

  2. Awesome!! It's like Diva sweeps at Embrace the Shadows. I voted!

  3. I voted. :)

    Looks like you're ahead!

  4. Can't have dying kittens. I voted. It says you have 73% of the vote as of my entry. yay. =o)

  5. When I voted you were WAY ahead. :-)

  6. I voted but I don't think you have to worry it was a land slide. LOL