Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday. Again.

At long last, I shall finally be abolishing my roots and returning some blonde goodness to my hair. Yes, I have an appointment with Vincent for a cut and color. About time, trust me.

In other news, it was just a so-so writing weekend, meaning I wrote, but not as much as I would have liked to. Sunday was super busy with church and then chapter contest stuff.

Today I have some errands, but then I'll be writing. And starting to think about what I'm packing for the writer's conference I'm going to this weekend.

What's your Monday look like?


  1. Oooh. What ARE you packing for the writer's conference? Aside from long underwear and thick wool socks, I mean.

  2. I'm hoping to write today and maybe do a little painting in my bedroom.

  3. Good for you with the hair. That's always nice. I'm recouping form the weekend and getting in some writing.

  4. Write, write, write! And, I'm getting a haircut too (no color though) :)

  5. Have a great time at the conference!

    Hubsy and I are waiting for an appraiser to get here, and then once he's done his duty I'll have a free day to read and write.

  6. I'm jealous of your hair. ;) More like my hair is jealous of your hair. Hee hee.

    What I'm doing today? Enjoying the cloudy cool weather. The quiet in my house. Thinking about cleaning it. Laundry. And writing.

  7. Just workity work work working here.
    I'm sort of stalled out on the WIP, I wrote 1000 on Friday, and another 1000 Saturday, but Sunday I threw up my hands.
    Which I'm okay with, but I need to figure out how to get where I need to be, how far back I need to cut. Or not? gah.

  8. I too shall commence the bleaching process tomorrow as I get ready for my vacay. Isn't it great to be blonde-ish?

  9. Yay for happy hair! I hope yours turns out great. Today was a typical Monday - school, writing, reading, football. And speaking of writing... back to work I go.

  10. Hi :)
    I was catching up on my reading today.
    Have a great time at your upcoming writers' conference.
    I look forward to your blog posts about it.
    All the best,

  11. Enjoy your conference!!! I go get my roots done next week before flying to Seattle.

  12. Which conference are you going to? I'm going to ACFW this weekend. I hope you have fun. :-)