Friday, September 25, 2009

Getting Thin

I'm starting a new diet today. Writing under deadline has shown me that my time isn't what it used to be and my focus has narrowed to such a solitary point that I will expend brain power on the book, but not so much on what's the healthiest thing to eat.


I've taken the leap and decided to try NutriSystem. My mom's done it a few times with good success and I've heard good things about it from some others. Plus, I'm actually doing it along with two of my lovely writer friends, so we can all support each other.

Wish me luck! If you've ever tried NS, I'd love to hear what you thought of it.


  1. Good luck. Please give us updates on what you think of the program.

  2. Okay, I got scared when I saw the pic of the hamster. I thought he was a snack!!
    Best of luck;)

  3. I definitely want to know how you like it. Island Bob and I have been thinking of trying it and now that I have committed to go on a cruise with a friend next year, I must Do Something about this body. Weight Watchers has always been great for me but I am over trying to keep up with every bite, every point, every exchange. Good luck!

  4. hee hee - 100 calorie pack. cute.
    good luck! I've always been curious about the food quality.

  5. Whenever I see the commercials, I'm always intrigued. My mom did Jenny Craig which I think is sort of similar and she had good luck with it.

  6. I did Nutrisystem a couple of years ago. Don't eat the hydrated eggs. ICK

    But holler at me and I'll tell you what I liked and what was a waste of money.

    Good luck to you (and Gwen) :)

  7. Yay! I never tried it, but I'm always tempted to when I see the infomercials for it after everyone is asleep and I'm chowing down on my midnight snack...LOL! I started my SemperFit program last Friday so we'll see if I cave or stick with the daily regime. Best of luck!!

  8. I think that's awesome, Kristen. I hope it works for you. I've wanted to try NutriSystem. The commercials make it look like it really works - especially when they show all the ex football players who've trimmed down with it. Good luck and let us know how it goes. =o)

  9. I'm a lovely writer friend! Yay me!

    Really, so far, I like the food just fine. And I'm not hungry. I just want things because I want them. Like fries, but I'll get over that.