Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Small Ephiphany

I realized something last night as I was struggling to make word count for the day. Sometimes, I think about a scene too much. And thinking about it - over anticipating it - makes it harder to write. The more I think it's going to be hard to write, the more it is. When in reality, all I have to do is block that noise out and write the stupid thing.

Because even if it sucks, at least I then have something to work with, you know what I mean?

Here's to thinking less and writing more. What's your latest writing epiphany?


  1. I hope your less thinking/more writing strategy works. My latest epiphany was when I realized the dog in my WIP wasn't just a dog. What can I say? Sometimes all I get are tiny epiphanies. ;o)

  2. That's a good one that I learned a while back. Also I have to work my own show. Other's processes just slow me down.

  3. That's so weird; I had almost the same epiphany! I was dreading revising a particular scene and I finally realized it was because I'd overthought it and worked out all the angles so extensively that I was now bored with it. There was nothing new to discover (or so I thought) so there was no point in writing it. Once I let myself free a little, allowed myself to find something unexpected in the scene, it all flowed pretty well.

  4. Just do it and stop talking about it. :O)

  5. That's a great epiphany! And so true, too. If we can just get something out, anything, we're better off.

    I'm learning that if I allow a little time to focus on the physical manuscript, and block out distractions, I can more quickly find my voice and move past that intimidation of the task before me and get the writing done. It's freeing.

  6. You know where I have trouble? ALL OF IT.
    But I think I stumble across transitions the most.
    I just puke something up, and promise that I'll come back and fix it later. Then when I go to fix it, I realize it wasn't as horrible as I thought.
    So maybe you have a point, just write it, don't overthink it.

  7. Mine is to stay away from plot cliches. Only I've had mine a little too late. LOL
    Next manuscript I'll try harder.

  8. My epiphany today was maybe the whole in the boat and the hole in Megan's leg are the same some how? Its from a current ms I'm polishing up to sent out. Hmm, still thinking about that one.


  9. My latest epiphany was EXACTLY this. I realized I spent too much time agonizing over how long a story should be, who I will submit it to, if it can have sequels, etc. I need to just WRITE and worry about all the details later. So that's what I'm trying. Writing with no expectations in place. I'll let you know how it goes.