Tuesday, March 06, 2007

For All Those Wet Ideas

Shower Slate

Ever have an idea in the shower and have no way to record it...and then it's lost forever? I use a "Dive Slate", a small (4"x6" ) sheet of sturdy white plastic with a plain old fashioned golf pencil attached. They're cheap (around $5--$6), available on the net at various dive shops, fit nicely behind the soap holder or hung in the shower and work well; they're meant to be written on underwater by divers, so unless you shower under Niagara Falls, your thought will be captured until you erase it.
-- Vincent Crisci

Medium Dive Slate3.5 " x 5.5"$4.18 Scuba Centralor try Amazon for an extra large thought (8" x 10"), $10
Feel free to buy me one too.


  1. Hunh. I used to have one when I dove more, but I never knew that was a plain old golf pencil on the end of the string. Wish I still had it. If I grab another one I'll buy two and send you one.

    Too funny.

  2. For a moment I mistook it for a lightsaber. I guess my hubs has a collection and they glow like that pen!

  3. Hey, thanks for this great idea! I don't know what it is. Maybe it's all those droplets banging in my head that stimulates my brain. But I always get my best ideas while I'm showering. Of course, by the time I towel dry and go to my room, the idea is *poof*

  4. I'd be too afraid of the messages the boys would leave on it, and who might see them. :-0

  5. I'm not sure I'm coordinated enough to shower and write at the same time. I have a hard enough time as it is doing one thing at a time.

  6. Upon further reflection, why spend $4.18 when I would stand outside your shower with a large fluffy warm towel and an steno pad. You could just stick your head out of the shower and tell me your thoughts and I'd write them down.

    That Hulles, always thinking....

  7. And not "an steno pad," "a steno pad."

    I promise I wouldn't make spelling mistakes in your bathroom.