Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Why Aren't Fangs Everyday Wear?

I love my Halloween fangs. Shame I can only legitimately pull off wearing them twice a year. (Halloween and the *insert theme here* Vampire Ball at Romantic Times)

I mean, c'mon. This is a good look for me, doncha think? (Ignore the horns. The last operation made them virtually unnoticeable.)
Mybe you can help me out with some reasons to wear them more often? What I'm looking for are some good excuses for wearing them on ordinary days. Great lines that explain them away.
So...whatcha got?


  1. Could I get that steak raw? Preschool day at the library, that would be a great time for the fangs. Visiting the local psychiatric ward. The dentist office. Other than those, I'm not sure.

  2. Hotrod has a fang Fetish.

    Inspiration for the Paranormal you're working on.

    And the last, and most important: Because they look hot. Just make sure you're wearing the leopard print heels and horns too when the UPS man rings the bell.

  3. Fangs. It's necks for dinner.

    Fangs scare away door-to-door religious crusaders.

    Fangs are the new tattoos.

    (P.S. Great pic!)

  4. Kristen, you're nuts. *lol* In my case, I can't wear my red contact lenses every day. Hehehe!

    Okay excuses for you to wear your fangs:

    They make you look mysterious.

    Men are hot for fanged women.

    Fanged women have more fun!

  5. The dentist took my porcelain veneers too far.

    I had a point to make.

    it's too hard to find the hole punch.