Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day

Yeah, I know I missed it. (See the use of the word belated?) But I'm also not a even a tiny smidge Irish, so deal.

Why is St. Patrick's Day such a big to-do anyway? It's not like people of any nationality in this country need another excuse to drink.

I did get a kick out of seeing tons of people (whole families in some cases) dressed in green. Talk about funny!

On a side note, Hotrod and I went to see 300 last night. Bloody, not much story, but oh those abs!


  1. My son loved it. I'm not interested. It takes a lot to get me to go to the movies. Just no time.

  2. I'll probably watch it when it comes to HBO. In HD, of course. Cuz if I'm gonna watch it, I want to see those abs in high definition, baby!

  3. I'd rather have my abs on a paperback cover that I can view endlessly and lick once in a while.

    As for St. Paddy's Day, I'm Irish -- but I don't drink. Sad, eh? I haven't celebrated the day since, oh, about 1988.

  4. Poor cat. I hope he's no longer green. I'm Irish, of course I'm also Scottish, French, a bit of German and some other things thrown in for good measure. I haven't celebrated St. Paddy's day in a long time.

  5. Love the picture! I wonder what his breath smells like. :)