Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hello Gorgeous...

What brings you to my blog today? Could it be the passion fruit body spray I spritzed on this morning? Or perhaps my sparkling personality? My undeniable charm? Or are you just avoiding work?

Whatever the reason, thanks for stopping by. I thought I'd share one of my old modeling photos with you. Hope you like it.
Yesterday was a good day! Lots of fabulous pages got written and I accepted an invitation to contribute a novella to an anthology headed up by a published author friend of mine. Also, the Pussycat Dolls called and asked if I could join them. Oh wait...that last one is a big fat fib. Who cares? Life is good, even without becoming an internationally known hoochie.
Any good news of your own to report? Please share in the comments. I'd love to hear it!


  1. Now that you've posted such a suggestive photo of yourself on the web, your shots at making the top ten on American Idol are shot. ;)

    Happy hump day, Kristen.

  2. Very nice shot. I see that the nose job worked out well.

  3. You're gawwwjus!

    Good news? I'm not writing. This vacation is working out really well. My brain was seriously bruised and it's finally starting to not twinge as badly when I think of writing. Should be good as new by next week!

  4. Cute!

    good news?
    Reached a 12 yr dream; to see a PBR event live. Wow, those cowboys can ride! *grin*

  5. Very Sultry.

    Good news? I got over 5k hits on my site after the Diva Challenge posted.

  6. Heather - Yes, but my shots at Playpig just went up dramatically.

    Sara - Thanks, I went to the same doctor as Jennifer Anniston.

    Sela - You so deserve that break! Brain bruising is nothing to laugh at.

    Michele - And are there pictures of these cowboys? C'mon now, share.

    Eva - Is that right? 5K? Holy piglets, that's a lot.

  7. And Kermit let you put that pic of you here? And here I thought he was a jealous frog. Hehehe!

    My good news? Uh... I'll be off work in about 40 minutes. *sighs*

  8. Congratulations on the writing and the novella!

    And thanks for calling me Gorgeous. You have odd taste, but who am I to complain?

    Good news? Going to see my brother tomorrow, submitted some work to a local publisher, and am the luckiest blogger in the world for having the readers that I do. Can't complain much I guess.

    Plus you let me come here and muck about in my (metaphorical) paint-bespattered overalls. And my kid Heather comes here too. All's right with the world.

    And congrats Eva, too.

  9. I love Miss Piggy. I really do. :) Good news...well, I posted it in Divas, but I did sell my first full length book to Samhain publishing *Grin*

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  11. Why wasn't I invited to write a novella...LOL

    Anyways, I find the modeling photo very becoming!

  12. LOL - love the pic.

    And so happy about your page count - yea!!

  13. I'm avoiding work. Yup- serious procrastination and pissed-offery going on here. Plus I knew it would be fun. :-)