Friday, March 16, 2007

I Know What You're Thinking

You're thinking, why is she posting after winning that fabulous Nigerian lottery?

Well, the shameful truth is... I've already blown the money.

Apparently my shopping addiction/ability far outweighs any of my other superpowers, and lo, the cash is gone. What did I buy you might ask? (So glad you did.) First of all, I bought a fabulous little island in the Pacific where I and all my minions (bought some of those, too) will be wiling away the leisure hours sipping Dr. Pepper floats and eating Godiva truffles (okay, we both know I'm not really going to share my Dr. Pepper floats or Godiva truffles with my minions, don't we?) and inviting all my friends to come and wile too.

The guestrooms are stocked and ready, the personal chef is planning some fabulous menus and the day spa is about to open its doors. Just two questions remain...what are you bringing to the party and what should I name this little irregularly shaped piece of heaven?
PS. The charter planes leave sharply at 4:59pm and only has room for two pieces of luggage each. Unless it's Louis Vuitton, and then inferior luggage will be tossed aside to provide extra space. Bring your sarong!


  1. I want to be a minion!
    I have a sarong.
    I love Dr. Pepper.

    I'll bring banana bread.
    And I think the perfect name for your island is...
    Tee Hee.

  2. I'm pretty okay with guest instead of minion, although I could compromise with henchman. And I don't have a sarong, but if Lara ends up being my own personal minion perhaps I could just use hers.

    I'll bring the dip. And the Glenmorangie 12 year Madeira Wood Cask scotch. And two heavy crystal tumblers with "Hulles" etched into them. And an attitude.

    And it kills me to say it -- you don't know how much it kills me -- but I like Santiagoland. But I'll keep thinking about it.

    And I adore you, I don't really hate you. XO.

  3. I'm bringing Moonstruck chocolate. And a cabana boy.

  4. Sweet! I won the lottery recently, too, so I have brand new luggage all packed and ready to go.

    See you on the jet.

  5. While Santiagoland is nice, I think calling it Kristen's Island of Intrique would make it sound more like a place that has minion's. I'll bring a Yacht. Actually I'll have my minion's sail it there since I won the Nigerian Lottery too.

  6. You bought Tasmania? :-0 I hope you got it cheap. Maybe now you can stop all the logging of our irreplacable timbers. (Yes, tuning myrtle into wood chip DOES offend me!)

    and you know, I really hoped Lara would bring blue lollypops. Drat!