Tuesday, July 08, 2008

ARCS I Really Need

I'm hoping Roxanne St. Claire and C.L. Wilson have their Google alerts up and working because I really need ARCs of their next books and I'm hoping this post will go a long way in that direction. Like, really need these fabulous books. Willing to beg, in fact. Not that I think that should be necessary. I'm a fabulous person who deserves to read these before everyone else. LOL

First up would be Roxanne St. Claire's Now You Die, available August 26th. This is the one that concludes the mini-series trilogy within her Bullet Catcher series (first of the trilogy - First You Run, second - Then You Hide). This is Lucy's story - the creator of the Bullet Catchers. Hot, sexy, serious action, plus buff men with guns. 'Nuff said. WANT!

Then there's C.L. Wilson's King Of Sword And Sky, third in her Tairen Soul series, releasing September 30th. This is fantasy romance like nothing you've ever read. Lush, rich, emotive and all with a slight patina that makes each brand new story seem like a tangle of well-loved myth and legend revisited. Good stuff. WANT!

Now ladies, concerning those ARCs...you know how to find me. I'll be waiting. (Plus I promise to buy the book once it's actually released. I always do anyway!)


  1. OMG, CL has MORE coming out? Can anything ever get better than MORE Tarin?

  2. I love this post. Nothing like putting it all out there.