Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bumpy Things Report

After many days of nothing, I spotted the gator again last night. I said I thought he 5-6 feet before, but I take that back. I think he's 6-6.5 easily. He was swimming with most of his body showing, so it was easier to tell. I got a really good look at his face with the binoculars, too, and now...I kinda feel sorry for him.

He looks like he's usually the last one the other gators pick for dodgeball. He's got about a 5 inch scar that runs from the corner of his eye down the side of his neck. And his jaw isn't right. Like it's deformed or was damaged in a fight. It's all twisted to the right and lopsided. On the left side, you can plainly see several of the teeth from his bottom jaw. Straight on, it gives him a kind of sad expression.

I know he's a gator and a decent size one, so he's obviously doing all right for himself, but I have a soft heart toward any kind of animal and I hate to see them suffer, you know?

Anyway, have a good weekend!


  1. You and your soft heart. Poor sad gator.

  2. I am gonna have to talk to you about this crazy stuff. You still have my email?

  3. Ah man, now I feel bad for the gator.

  4. It kind of sounds like your gater got run over by a prop.