Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Conference Stuff

Yesterday saw another trip to Chinatown for a few forgotten things, some interesting bakery goodies (chocolate-covered winter melon mooncake anyone?) and a side trip to Macy's for Louisa, where we met the very interesting Vera. Best. Saleswoman. Evah.

Then, believe it or not, I actually wrote. Sure, it was just three pages, but still! I should get big credit for writing at conference. After that, Louisa and I took a stroll through the Literacy Signing to say hi to some of our friends. Both Roxanne St. Claire and Lara Santiago sold out. I'm sure some others did too, those are the only ones that I know of for sure. We took a little break to change into some Chinatown silks before heading off to the RWA Online party. Fun was had by everyone but I had to leave while the fun was still happening as I am not yet truly adjusted to the time difference.

Today things kick off in earnest and I hope to actually attend a workshop or two before this evening's festivities: the Romance Divas dinner followed by the TKA party.

Okay, off to the gym. I've worked out every day I've been here and today will not be the exception.


  1. miss you!

    Y'all must keep me posted minute by minute from the TKA party tonight!

  2. Good for you! Writing and exercise? I'm so impressed. :)

  3. I'm enjoying the updates. Keep 'em coming.

  4. Have a great time tonight. Wish I was there!