Friday, July 18, 2008


Today's post is a mish-mash, so bear with me.

*Saw the gator again last night. Got a few pics, too, but I took them on Hotrod's camera and I have no idea how to download them so that will have to wait for his cooperation.

*Decided to start working out again yesterday as I am tired of feeling like a lump. Being fluffy holds no appeal for me, but my love of food is at an all time high. Unfortunately.

*Gena Showalter is talking about her first sale at Dear Author. Go check it out.

*Lastly, I've been doing some shopping for Nationals, even though I said I wouldn't. I haven't spent much though. I've stuck mainly to the clearance and sale racks. Got some cute stuff yesterday, including two really sweet pairs of shoes. You know, because I really needed shoes. I could only find a pic of the flats. They're not quite that bright in person and have sort of a shantung silk look to them. Plus, bonus, they're really comfy.


  1. I *heart* Gena.

    And those are some cute shoes.

  2. I like the shoes, too. I need to think about going to Nationals next year. :)

    And no, I don't like any kind of pie. And just vanilla cake, with vanilla frosting, and vanilla ice cream with maybe some chocoloate chips or cookie dough. I am a very plain jane. Lol.

  3. Love your odds-n-ends. I so need to shop for Nationals. I gotta look good for my gal Kristen!