Thursday, July 17, 2008

Project Wack-a-doodle

Season 5 (and the last season that will be on Bravo) of Project Runway got off to a bang last night with what looks to be some of the most interesting designers yet. (An aside: Bravo has done little to no promotion for this season - perhaps because they lost the series to another network? Can you say sore loser?)

As always, there is one designer who sticks in my craw. Maybe because he's too...girlicious? Ugh. That is so not a catch phrase that will catch on. The tanorexic Blayne is way too in love with himself if you ask me. Where is Christian when you need someone called a hot tranny mess, I ask you?

The winner of this first challenge was Kelli - awesome chick with a full sleeve tat on one arm. She used vacuum cleaner bags that she dyed herself with ink, coffee and bleach to make the skirt and some burned coffee filters for the bodice. Other elements of the dress contained parts of a spiral-bound notebook and thumbtacks. She pretty much rocks like a rockstar and is my early favorite.

The loser was Jerry, whose outfit looked like it might be worn by a serial killer escaped from a nut house butcher shop. Wow. Scariest use of a tablecloth and shower curtain ever. He did not, as Tim Gunn would say, make it work.

I'm so glad this madness is back on TV. I has a happy!


  1. A-men. You could tell that Blayne was working hard for "girlicious" *gag* to be the new "Fierce!" Not. Even.

    Stella needs to get her game on if she's staying in.

  2. You know I'm too happy about this. I totally agree with you about Blayne. Ugh! I'm thrilled it's back on. Check out my blog today. We're on the same page.

  3. the tanlicious blayne has got to go.

    I loved the solo cup dress and vacuum bag dress. My fave girl is Koto, because she's from Little Rock and the girl has style!

  4. Jerry's outfit was a scary mess. HOW did he think that was going to keep him in the game? And WHY the yellow gloves? She looked like a "cleaner" in a mob movie that shows up to dispose of the body with the acid rinse. Oy vey!!!

  5. I am pretty excited that it is back on too. I have to agree about Blayne...he is going to have to go.

  6. Blayne's outfit was just "butt ugly", and what was it supposed to be? A swimsuit?
    The trash bag lady was really out there, too. She procrastinated until she didn't have time to do anything except tie the things around her models' neck.