Friday, July 25, 2008

Talk To Me!

I have to give a short presentation on setting at my chapter meeting tomorrow. Help me! What should I talk about? How important is setting to the stories you write? How do you choose your setting?

I've always believed that setting is really another character. Do you think that too? Are there any settings that turn you off? Make you want to read a book?

Help me!


  1. Great topic Kristen and best of luck. I agree setting can be another character if done well. You don't want it to overpower a scene, but you definitely want to get the senses involved in a scene.

  2. I chose my settings very carefully. I have done two that were about the area where I grew up and still live.

    But three others are far from here; one about a couple of hundred miles, it's the desert, and the other the Bahamas. Simply because I like the ocean.

    I know the last two are as different as they can be, but it's escapism for me. This way I can imagine living some where else.