Thursday, July 03, 2008

Would you wear this?

Would you wear this dress? Answer first, then highlight the following for crazy secret this dress hides: It's made of condoms.

Now, would you still wear it? Does it change the way you feel about it? Why or why not?


  1. If I had a figure like that, sure I'd wear it.

    Condoms? Hmmm...only if they're flavored. LOL.

  2. I would never wear it, but it seems they make clothes out of anything nowadays.

    Of course, having a condom handy would be a plus for many.

  3. I would never wear a dress like that. I don't like strapless dresses. I feel naked in them. And then when I read what they were made of, lol, I really would not wear it. Can you imagine going out to dinner in that?

  4. I thought it was kinda gaudy before I highlighted what it was made of, so knowing it was made of condoms didn't affect my decision to not wear it.

  5. No way! Before AND after I found out what it was made of.
    I would look like a cow--and I wouldn't want to wear a "rubbery" dress.

  6. I said no at first.

    Then I said yes. LOL

    It would be a very handy dress to have on... you know, just in case.

  7. At first I said no because I didn't like it. Then after the highlight I thought No way! Well, maybe for charity.

  8. yes! both times!

    You could walk up to people and ask them if they need a condom for the night!

    Safe Sex all around. And then it could be a strip tease ater they pulled all the rubbers off.

    I can keep going...

  9. At first I thought I could never in a million years picture myself wearing that dress, but after the reveal, I suppose I would. You know, if I were going to the Drag Ball in San Francisco or something. I'm not sure what else it would be appropriate for.

  10. Wow, a safe date dress!
    I suspected its fabric before I highlighted. I had another pic of one but not strapless. Supposedly and father made it for his daughter to prove a point.

    When you think about it, that is one EXPENSIVE dress. LOL

    And if I had the body to pull it off? Yes...because I have a hard time starting conversations with perfect strangers...somehow I don't think I'd have a problem if I wore this,you know?

  11. I decided I wouldn't wear 'cause it's just too damn fluffy for me. Then....condoms? Are you kidding me? That's just...weird.