Friday, January 22, 2010

Icky Friday

It's raining and windy and apparently a tornado just passed by us. So, you know, fun day here. We lost power once this morning and I wouldn't be surprised if it happens again.

I've got a busy weekend ahead - our niece is coming for a visit tonight, then I've got a chapter meeting tomorrow, church on Sunday and writing to squeeze into the cracks. What's up with you this weekend?


  1. getting my ducks in a row, getting some last minute shopping done before we leave, mani pedi, etc.

  2. The usual weekend grind for me - cleaning/laundry/writing. And of course, vegging out on the couch watching TV with the kids.

    Have a good one! Our storms will finally be over tonight - I'm so tired of wind and rain and potential power outages. :)