Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What's up with your hair?

Hair is an accessory, at least for women. Many of us wear it long, but some of us opt for the wash-n-go style. We color it, tease it, highlight it, spray it into place, tie it back, tie it up, let it loose, perm it, curl it, twist it, braid it...some of us even use wigs and hairpieces.

What about you? What's going on with your hair? Does it suit you? have you had the same style since high school? Do you have a secret hairstyle you'd love to try but are just too chicken to?

I have two - short platinum blonde and a bob. Will I ever try them? Maybe, but probably not anytime soon.

What about your heroines? Do they express your secret hair fantasies? What kind of hair do they have?


  1. My heroines usually have manageable flowing hair that I clearly don't have. Yes, fantasy hair.

  2. I've got highlights I like, pretty natural and layered--but part of me really wants to go stark platinum, and maybe pixie short. I might do it someday, but not until I'm thinner. : )

  3. Love this topic! In college I had extensions and they were the best accessory :) My hair is pretty long now though (little past my breasts) and curly and there's not much I do w/ it. I'll put funky clips in it and sometimes I'll straighten it which is fun, but I usually just leave it down and curly. I love my hair so there's not anything I really want to try w/ it :) Now if you'd asked about my hips...I do have a (not so) secret fantasy that they were thinner ;)

  4. How funny! I think I've got red hair envy. Most of my characters have red hair or highlights of some sort.

    I just went brown again on my own head. But it looks reddish to me. Or maybe i secretly wish it looks red. LOL

  5. I think the Beehive should make a comeback. How I wish I could wear a beehive...

  6. I always wanted to wear a short chinlength bob with thick bangs. In a really dark brown.
    alas - this will never be, as I have some lovely jowels I got from my dad, and the style would make me look more jowely.

  7. Right now I have a short, curly fro. I was thinking about letting it grow out a bit. But I don't think I'm a long haired type of girl.

    The good thing though is I can always switch my style up with a fun and flirty wig or getting braids.

    But I think the short, curly fro suits me. I have one style I would love to try something like Amber Rose - uber short and close boy cut.

  8. The past few years, I've gone a little crazy with my hair. Not that crazy is too possible with super fine, super straight hair.

    Not much you can really do cut-wise (most things just don't work) so I colour. Like crazy.

    Right now, the back and the underneath parts are a very deep burgandy red. Top bits are strawberry blonde. I like it. My mom hates it. If my mom hates it, I figure I must be doing something right. ;)

    My heroines usually have better hair than I do. Not all of them. But the few who've had problem hair have different problems than I do.

  9. Love that you are speaking of hair today-- I spent three hours in the salon and finally came out with ...YAY! A blonder look. One I've been begging my old hairdresser to give me.
    So now that I said that, my heroines are usually blonde too:)