Monday, April 12, 2010

Hard-At-Work Monday

Mondays are the kind of days I like to put my head down and really sink into the week's work. Today is no different except at some point I have to run out to do an errand. I'm pretty close to finishing my Sooper Sekrit project and that makes me want to stay in even more.

So here's what my day/week looks like. I find that making lists for both really keep me on track.

Today's To Do's:

1. Write 1500 words.
2. Workout - I'm thinking about working out twice today, once for cardio and once for weights. For my cardio, I powerwalk and I really enjoy being outside while the weather is still tolerable here.
3. Run errands
4. Laundry - whoop-di-freakin'-do

This Week's To Do's:

1. Make hair appt.
2. Finish and read through Sooper Sekrit project then send to reader
3. Workout every day
4. Pick out plants with landscaper
5. Clean the house a little (no reason to put too much effort into it, it's only going to get dirty again.)

What are you up to this week? Working on anything fun? Getting close to finishing anything or starting something new?


  1. You're inpiring!

    I have to keep at it with rewrites. I want to make it through at least one chapter today; several this week. And I've been doing tricep exercises daily, all for the sake of a spaghetti-strap dress I'm wearing as a bridesmaid in two months.

    I also have to help my husband paint the garage and our spare bedroom this week. *whines*

  2. Busy busy lady, you are. OMG I sound like Yoda. LOL

    Um, I finished a huge sekrit project last week and turned it in. After letting myself recover for a few days, I'm back to the grindstone to start a new book for Samhain and work on another sekrit project. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Oh yeah and all the other home type stuff like cleaning and laundry...

  3. Today is actually a slow day for me. It's the first in a few weeks that I haven't been inundated with ebooks to format. But, since that's our only source of income, I wish I had some more to do.

  4. same poop, different day.
    I want to keep pushing forward on first round edits, hope to have run through it and adjusted the end by the 22nd. Then get my pitches ready!
    plus I need to get some critiques done.

  5. Lists are good. I've got to get on that.

  6. sounds like my week--minus the super secret project. wish I had one of those... :)

    Went to visit my mom today and had lunch with her. that was pretty much my whole day.