Friday, April 23, 2010

Words for the Writer

Just a few observations this Friday on what it means to be a writer...

1. It's a hard job, don't kid yourself otherwise. Not only will you wear out your brain at times, but you may also wear out your hands and your back from hours spent at the keyboard banging away.

2. Rejections happen to everyone at every stage of a career. That means from the unpubbed to the author with 25 books to their name. Don't take it personally.

3. The further in your career you get, the more people are going to want from you.

4. Reviews can kill your spirit. Fan mail can revive it.

5. No matter what book you write, no matter the subject, no matter what lists the book hits, you will not please everyone. Don't try. Worry about pleasing yourself and your editor. That's all you can control.

6. Stress happens. Figure out some coping mechanisms.

7. The good days - and there will be good days - are phenomenal.

8. Learn to take time off. You've got to recharge your creative batteries.


  1. A huge amen from up here:)) Workingn on #6 today!

  2. So true. I think I'm going to have to tweet this... :)

  3. The good, the bad, the ugly. Always made better with a few good friends to share them with!