Thursday, April 22, 2010

Testing the waters

I've decided to try a little experiment, mostly because Eva Gale exerted serious peer pressure on me. ;o) I've published the first book I wrote (and a Golden Heart finalist in '05) on Smashwords. Years ago I had the first chapter of this book excerpted on my website and I still get the occasional email asking when it's going to be published, so after much thought, I've decided to do it myself.

This article had a lot to do with that decision. Who knows what this will bring, but like I said, it's an experiment. You can check it out here if you're interested. At $1.99 it's a steal and it's available in all formats.

And here's the cover I did for it:
Posted Image

And the blurb:

Eager to find her place in the world and understand the frightening gifts she’s been born with, Jessalyne Brandborn aches to leave her sheltered life behind and take on the job that's been promised to her. Apprentice to the most powerful sorceress in Shaldar, the king’s magewoman. Even if traveling to Castle Ryght means keeping company with the deadliest man in the realm to get there.

On the run, dark elf Ertemis Elta-naya doesn’t want to escort firemage Jessalyne any more than he wants the Legion to catch up with him. He just wants to vindicate his mother’s life before the price on his head results in a knife at his throat. Or in his back. Life as a mercenary has taught him to strike first and ask questions later.

And yet, within them lies the hope of the dying elven race, the renewal of Shaldar's beleaguered kingdom and an incredible chance at love. If they don't kill each other first.

What do you think? Would you ever try a form of publishing like this with your own work?


  1. Sounds good!

    I like your cover, too! I don't know if I'd ever do something like that on my own only because I'm a little lazy and wouldn't know where to start. But you know the saying, never say never. :)
    Hope it sells well for you!!

  2. I think it's a good concept and can work in many situations. As an un-pub'd writer though, I am not a fan of going right to that model.

    If there was a fan base to work from, I think it has lots of potential. It's also good for books that the rights have reverted to the author. For new books and the pu'b author, you have to consider how much the editor has previously contributed to your other books. I probably need lots of editorial help. I am mostly unfamiliar with the rules of grammar. So, I'm thinking I always want an editor with some skin in the game.

  3. I have thought about it so yes I would if I felt strong with the editing and could get the word out. Please post back on how it all goes. Goos luck and I really like your cover.

  4. I love it. Love the concept, the model, the idea. I love the cover. I am especially impressed that you decided to go for it and do this. I hope it does really well for you, now and in the future. (Of course I bought it!)