Monday, November 26, 2007

And The Winner Is...

"As soon as they is not looking, I is going to eats garbage til I pukes on this dress." - Sela Carsen
Congrats, Sela! You win the caption contest. Your book will be headed out to you shortly.
In other news, anyone else get the sense that pirate historicals are about to make a comeback?


  1. Ha! Congrats, Sela! That IS funny.

  2. Just found you blog via B.E. Sanderson's. Wish I would have found it in time to enter the caption contest. By the way I noticed You had Rhonda Thomson'a book on you recommended list. Let me concur.

    SHe was from my hometown of Amarillo, Texas (as is Jodi Thomas if yo know her) and a very nice lady. The writing world lsot a dear friend when she lost her battle with cancer this summer.

  3. Yay!! I won!! I feel so darned sorry for that poor dog. If I were him, I'd have totally yakked under the dining room table.

  4. I wish pirate historicals WOULD make a comeback. How can Pirates of the Caribbean be a huge success, and pirate historicals not be?

  5. I love pirate historicals!
    Any time I hear the word pirate, I think of Johnny Depp. :)