Monday, November 05, 2007

Viva Las Vegas!

Hey hep cats (that's Vegas-speak for y'all), Hotrod and I are boarding a jet plane for Vegas tomorrow, so try not to miss me too much, ya dig?

We haven't been in a long while, so I'm looking forward to visiting again. Vegas and NYC are tied for first place as my favorite shopping destinations. Seriously. Think about it - NYC has great shopping, I don't deny that for a moment, but Vegas probably has more sparkly things per person than anywhere else on earth. (I'd love to know what that city's annual rhinestone bill is.) Me and sparkly things go together like grilled and cheese. If you know me at all, I'm sure you can see the lure Vegas shopping holds for me.

See, I don't gamble. If I'm going to drop buckets of cash, I want to come home with something. Manolo's or a LV purse or some bling. Something. And there are lots of somethings in Vegas. Pretty, sparkly, shiny somethings.

Sure, I'll be working a little. Might even try to post a few pics. We'll see. Hotrod's there for a conference, so I'll be left to my own devices during the day. I figure work a little/shop a little/see the sights. I also need to do a little research for a book idea I have.
Yeah, that's what I'll be doing...working...


  1. Have a great time, Kristen. Try not to bankrupt Hotrod. Okay?

  2. Vegas! Yay! I used to go out there every year for a convention, and while it was a boatload of work, and I dreaded it at the time, looking back I had a lot of fun. Funny, I never shopped. In my spare time I was either eating or feeding slot machines.

    Have loads of fun. =oD

  3. Wow! Have fun! We haven't been to Vegas in a while either.

    We don't gamble much, but we ate well and saw a lot of great shows. :) I think we stayed at Mandalay Bay (did I spell that right?) We rented a cabana and stayed poolside most of the day.


  4. They have shopping in Las Vegas?

    My cabs always went from the airport to the casino and back again.

    Maybe I should go once more to try (yea, that's it).

  5. Have a great time!! I've not been to Vegas yet but it's on my list of places to go, and soon.

    I'm with you on the gambling though. I might do a couple of machines but I'd much rather bring home something than risk the chance of losing the money. I like stuff way too much. :)

  6. Take me with you! I'm so small, I'll bet I can fit in one of your handbags.

  7. That's some serious bling! Wish I was, there.;-)

  8. Have a great time. Can you believe I've never been to Vegas? Bring back lots of sparkly stuff!

  9. See you when you get back! I'm really jealous, you know....

  10. Hope it's a great trip! Can't wait to hear about your shiny, sparkly new things!