Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mission Impossible

I'm going Christmas shopping today with some of my chicas, and I hope to finish it up as much as possible. Some of the people on my list are easy to buy for, like my mom. She's like me - sparkly things are alway welcome. My dad on the other hand, not so easy. He's my toughest person. I have a few ideas, but nothing truly inspired or different.

Who's your hard to shop for person? Any thoughts on what to get them? What have you done for them in the past?


  1. I have to do a bit of shopping myself today. My mom is the hardest to buy for, but can't say I have any particular helpful ideas. When all else fails I tend to give books for presents. Even if they don't like them they will say something like, "That is what I'd expect a writer to give."

    By the way I copied the meme from your blog and posted my answers today.

  2. My brother and my brother-in-law are the TOUGHEST.

    I have no ideas yet for the b-i-l. This year, I'm getting my brother some fine cigars (just found out he likes them) and maybe a restaurant gift certificate.

  3. Believe it or not, my hubby is the hardest. Every year I go through agony, trying to figure out what to buy him. And every year, I wrap up what I think is The Perfect gift, only to have it sit around unused for the next twelve months. *sigh*

    The one and ONLY gift he has truly loved and used every day is last year's gift--a laptop computer. But I can't afford to go that big this year, so I'm thinking I'll be practical and maybe go back to buying him some clothes. I think, after ten years, I can pick out some shirts he'll wear...

  4. My mother in law, hands down. It got so bad that now I don't even bother. I just give her money.

  5. My 88-year-old grandfather is the hardest to buy for. I usually end up buying him a book he'll never have the patience to read, candy or movies.

    Hhmmm, I suppose I should start thinking about shopping, huh?

  6. Just spent the whole day shopping with my wife. Only our mall is two and a half hours away. It takes out a lot of the Ho Ho Ho.

    Our oldest daughter would probably be the hardest. She is very particular about her clothing.

  7. My hubby is my toughest too. He doesn't give me any hints either. Sigh...

    And my dad. But this year I just bought him a gift card. I'm done. :)

    Hope you had fun shopping!

  8. Toss up between my Dad and my hubby. Neither one of them really want anything they don't go out and buy for themselves.

    Living close to NYC my Dad loves to hop on the train and sight-see so I usually load up the metro card, buy a few bottles of what he likes to drink and wrap it all up with instant lottery scratch-offs...he loves those!

    Hubby - argh - don't know yet.