Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gifts For Writers/Agents/Editors

Since I mentioned Christmas shopping yesterday, I thought I should help the cause and offer some ideas for fellow writers, your agent and your editor(s). Let's begin, shall we?

What agent or editor wouldn't love this handy rubber stamp? Think of how quickly they could get through their slush piles!

This one is perfect for that aspiring writer who is just waiting for that big sale to tell their boss adios! Or perhaps this Jane Austen finger puppet would be nice for the historical writers in your circle of five.

Personally, I think this book would make a great gift for any of the strong women in your life. Who wouldn't want to know how to choke a man with their bare thighs or win a catfight? (Feel free to buy this one for me.)

This fabulous board game could be for anyone who loves books. It's an all-purpose writing-related gift. And one you can suck your non-writing friends into playing with you, only to decimate them and laugh while you do it.

Lastly, these PJ's are covered with books (I know it's hard to see in the pic) and would be perfect for anyone, provided you have the kind of relationship that allows for giving sleepwear.

Hope this helps you in your quest for gifts!


  1. Okay, these were all hilarious! Loved the saving up to quit my job bank : )

  2. So...you're buying me the book pajamas...right? But I want them. :)

    Note to self: Send Christmas wish list to Kristen.

  3. Yes, but what to buy the blogger in your life?? :)

  4. Anonymous7:57 AM

    LOL! These are great }:)

  5. I want them ALL!!!

    Gimme gimme gimme!

  6. These are awesome! Now I have something to suggest when people ask me what I want!