Friday, August 01, 2008

Thursday Wrap-Up

Thursday started off with a good workout. The gym here is really nice. Then my roomie, Lara Santiago, and I went down to the Opening Session featuring a motivational speaker who also played the piano. She was very talented, but I can't remember her name. In all honesty, there was a touch of cheesiness, but I imagine most motivational speakers to be like that.

After that, we came back to the room and did some brainstorming until lunch. I was a bad conference attendee and skipped out on the keynote to head back to the room. I'm glad I did, though - I wrote 3 more pages on my new book and did a seriously awesome amount of research for it that led me in a great new direction.

I finally dragged myself away from the computer to attend a workshop given by my agent, Elaine Spencer, and my friend and agency sistah, Marley Gibson. I sat with Kwana, who took100 pictures. lol

Then it was back to the room for a quick transformation into Party Going Barbie for the night's events: The Diva Dinner and the Knight Agency party.

My special guest at the Diva Dinner (held at Buca Di Beppo, where the meatballs really are as big as your head. Almost.) was the lovely and always entertaining Barbara Vey. Check out her blog today for some more Diva Dinner exploits, including a video (I think).

Then Crystal Jordan, Louisa Edwards, Kate Pearce and I hoofed it to the Knight Agency. Harlequin executive editor Tracy Farrell looked like the world's most gentle vampire slayer. Love her! The party further cemented my love for all things Knight. I *heart* my agency more than words. The love, friendship, support and talent they supply really can't be duplicated.

Sorry I don't have pics of any of this, but I didn't bring my cord for my camera. I'll take care of that when I get home. Today, a few of us are headed to Fisherman's Wharf. Afterwards, I'm hoping for some more writing before hitting a few workshops. Tonight brings the publisher parties, so stay tuned for that madness tomorrow. Oh - no workout today. I walked too much in four inch heels last night. The tootsies need a break.


  1. Darling, show me your camera, I might have a cord you can use if you like. Sorry about the hike to TKA!

  2. Ooh, you blogged the workshop! Good. I was shallow and stuck to the parties. And naughty pics of you.

  3. Thx for coming to the workshop. You looked divalicious last night. On my way to Louisa's blog to see pics!

  4. Darling, you looked beautiful last night (as evidenced on Louisa's blog) ;)

  5. I didn't take a 100 pics. Only 99 and Mar told me to! Hey, I took notes to. Nerd that I am.