Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Body Count

Yesterday's post got me thinking about death. (And isn't that a fun subject?) Death makes for interesting happenings when you're writing fiction. Who dies, how they die, how the death impacts the other characters and the story line in general are all points to consider.

I don't write romantic suspense but the occasional death creeps in anyway. I don't think for one moment that romantic suspense is the only genre with a license to kill. Death makes for good storytelling. Parents pass away. Spouses die. Enemies get whacked. Anything we can do to put our characters through hard times makes for great reading.

What do you write and who dies in your stories?


  1. Eventually, everyone.

    But for right now... Little girls.


    It's an evil thing.

    I write every possible genre imaginable, except perhaps haiku style.

    Hey Kristen - have a splendid day and I hope that you'll get tons of fun answers.

    Lady M

  2. In most genres, you can kill most anyone or anything and I won't flinch. BUT. In romance, if an author kills off a child or a pet, I'll probably never pick up another story she writes. I read romances for fun, not so I can be depressed for a week.

  3. Although I write mainly paranormal/comedic Chick Lit these days, I do have two completed Romantic Suspense novels in my arsenol. I have to admit, in some demented way, I actually enjoyed killing people off in those books. I think it was some cheap form of therapy whenever I was in the POV of the serial killer. LOL! Maybe it had something to do with venting agression toward certain people without ending up in a 6x9 cell somewhere. ;-) Um, have I shared too much? ;-)


  4. I find that a lot of my fiction has a balance of birth and death in it. In my novel I'm peddling now, it begins with a birth and the protag's best friend dies later.

  5. Is aerobics making you morbid? Or worse...homicidal!!!
    Crikey!! Were you trying to get me to poke that reptile so I could be your next piece of jewelry??

    Perhaps we should sign up for a nice knitting class or someting instead of sweaty tricep torturing aerobics. :)
    You think I'm funny...yes you do, too. :):)

    What was the question again? Oh yes...
    In my futuristic and sci-fi stories, I kill off bad guys...wait a minute...that's not entirely true. I killed off two spouses and a cryo-genically frozen chick. She never woke up from her journey. Sad.
    What do you say we ramp it down, forgo aerobics and see if underwater basket weaving is available instead?

  6. I had a long time co-worker die in one of my novellas. It wasn't romantic suspense. I think it was just action adventure. I'm much better at writing romance... I think. LOL We'll see.

    Awesome graphics, btw.


  7. With Sela as a reader.

    Had my heroine ( paranorma'/ romantic suspence? who knows?) kill off a bad guy, and without compunction, anguish or hand-wringing. Some may find it too cold in a character.

  8. I have two deaths in my ms. One I'm still deciding on. I forshadow it well, and am on the fence of giving the reader what they think is coming, or letting her live and having it be an Aha! moment. But I hate blatant Aha's! so I have to tinker with tht one a bit.

  9. I write paranormal and contemporary. Usually a best friend or a parent kicks the bucket.


  10. I usually write erotica/ contemporary romance sometimes with comedy in both. I did do one with some suspense in it. I got to kill off the villian, it was great.

  11. Parents!

    I seem to always have one parent dead for my heros and heroines.

    Hmm, never really thought much about it, but it's probably because my own father died while I was still in school.