Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Book Four

I have finally started book four. I mean it this time. Even though I had previously started writing a fourth book twice before, this one is the one I'm actually going to write. I just wasn't excited about those other books - well, I was, but not like this one.

It's another contemporary paranormal but completely different from anything I've written before. And I think it's going to be fun!

So far, my working title is Date With The Devil but I'm pretty sure that's going to change. Something better is bound to reveal itself as the book comes along. How many title changes do you go through? Or do you just pick any old title knowing it'll probably get changed by an editor at some point anyway?


  1. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Woo Hoo, Kristen!!!! That's fantastic and the title alone makes it sound intriguing ;) I used to think and think about titles till I learned that editors (once you sell the book) often change them. Now I still think about them but if I can't come up with one I like I just pick something }:)

  2. As a journalist, I never titled my stories and therefore haven't ever been wrapped up in coming up with one. Until THE TITLE came to me for my fifth book, a romantic comedy. It's called Malcontent. Says it all in a single word.

  3. I always pick a title before working on a book. Even knowing it might change doesn't matter to me. I need to call it something and Opus # 5 isn't as exciting as say "The Secret Warrior".
    Saying I'm working on The Secret Warrior makes me want to write more. Opus # 5...Snore.
    Just like "Date with the Devil" is so much more inticing than Book 4. Don't you agree?

  4. Bonnie - I like coming up with titles for other people's work more than I do for my own.

    Shannon - I actually can't write without a title. (Okay, I can but I really, really don't like to.) Love Malcontent.

    Lara - Don't you mean the Secret Showering Spy Shagging In The Shadows?

  5. I have the hardest time picking titles. I think it's the bane of most writer's existence. LOL

    Congratulations on starting your fourth book. That's really cool!


  6. No more than one or two. However, with my WIP, I've changed the title about five times. I've finally got it right. I'm IN LOVE with the new title. I couldn't say that about the last four.

  7. I always have to know the title and h/h names before I can write anything.. They get mad when I'm not prepared and will not cooperate.

  8. That's good news!

    I have a contemporary paranormal novel that's nearly finished, but I hate the title. My last agent liked it, thought it was original, but I'm still trying to come up with a better title. So far, no luck.

  9. Yeah, well. I think we all know how I am about titles. I love picking just the right title. It has an effect on how I view the book. The whole reason I used "Dude, You're Dead!" as a working title is because every time I saw it, it made me smile. Made for a pretty funny story.

    The current wip has been through twice as many titles as incarnations. I did know I had to stop calling it "The Regency That Wouldn't Die," because every time I saw that title, I got cranky. Makes for a cranky story.

  10. Depends - if a title comes to me first while I am writing it goes on there...

    If the title comes first - and the story along it comes after - it goes on there.

    It's one of those answers for me...

    Which came first - the title or the story? :P

    Personally - I know why my title crossed the road.

    Lady M

  11. Durrrrrrrr...

    Ok - let's try that again.

    If the title comes first - it goes.

    If it shows up mid-way - it gets put up there.

    Sigh... one day I will - absolutely WILL proofread before I hit that publish button.


  12. Very cool, Kristen. I'm glad you're excited about your new story. And yeah, even when I think I have a cool title, it always gets changed : )

  13. Kit - actually, the bane of my existance is laundry. Seriously.

    Tanya - what is this title you're in love with? Do tell!

    Jax - I have to have h/h names too - otherwise I feel like I'm writing about strangers.

    Faith - you should let the divas help you - we have some very gifted "titlers"!

    Sela - I agree, a cranky title makes for cranky work.

    Lady M - it's okay, typos happen. lol