Friday, March 24, 2006

The Results Are In

I didn't final in the Golden Heart this year. I felt very strongly that I would considering that between them, the two manuscripts I entered have: been requested in full by three publishers, been requested in full by two agents, been requested as a partial by one agent, finaled in another RWA contest.

Plus, the manuscript that finaled last year was a piece of crap compared to these two. There's no understanding it I guess. I'm bummed, I won't lie to you. It hurts because I felt so good about these two.

Onward and upward, but first some chocolate. Then I plan to sell and make myself ineligible for this contest next year.

Congrats to Candy Havens for her double RITA nomination!


  1. I just wanted to tell you how much Divas has meant to me. You, Lisa and Jax have made a difference in a lot of writers lives. If it wasn't for Divas, I really don't think I'd still be writing. You guys are role models and I really appreciate all of you.

  2. Kristen,

    BIG HUGS, lady. Looking at the list just now almost makes me wish I'd entered this year, but to be honest, I wasn't up for the emotional rollercoaster again. So I bowed out at the last minute. (yeah, I'm a coward, but so what? :-) Maybe I'll try my hand next year.

    You're doing the right thing. Eating lots of chocolate will help. You've also got the right idea about selling. That's the perfect trick. As you say, onward and upward. Oh, and here's another saying I heard a while back. Finaling in the GH means something. Not finaling means nothing. You're still a talented writer with a promising career ahead of you. You're going to sell, Kristen. I just know it.


  3. Thanks, Shawn. Your words mean a lot.

    And Tanya, you're right - not finaling means nothing.

    I'm still bummed but feeling better.

  4. *hugs* to you. It's hard not seeing your name there, but you have so, so many other great things happening.

    So here's to next year, and not being eligable!

  5. Aw, I know how you feel. I've had that same "feel so good" feeling about projects too. Onward and upward, though. Keep going.

  6. Anonymous5:00 PM


  7. Thanks Karen, Faith and Bonnie.

    I'm already feeling better about it. Maybe a sale is right around the corner...

  8. I don't need the GH contest to tell me you're a great writer.
    Big Hugs to you!!

  9. I concur Lara! The good writers usually don't always win, but they eventually publish and this contest will be peanuts in the scheme of things. I've read Kristen's stuff and not as a friend, but as a reader and I loved it. I know any one of her stories will be picked up and when it does, I can bet it's a bestseller. She's got it! It's a matter of time. Love ya!

  10. I like your plan, babe. Next year -- the RITAS!!

  11. Sigh.

    It's so damn subjective. I really thought my CP would final...I'm more upset about the fact she didn't than she is.

    She was so close last year. If it hadn't been for one idiot judge who gave her a 3. The other scores were high 8s and 2 9s. But one idiot gave her a THREE.

    Monkeys with crayons could do better than a 3.

    Anyway, just take heart in the fact that the GH misses golden eggs all the time. Look at Diana P. as an example.

    Hugs, Kristen. Chin up. You're a better writer than they gave you credit for, just remember that. Don't look to a subjective contest for validation.

  12. Oh, Kristen, that just sucks! The publishing industry is a mystery to me, you know.


    P.S. Thanks for the comment. :)

  13. Kristen - because you didn't final does not make you a horrible writer.

    You're very good and I believe you WILL sell you art. I believe you have the drive and dedication it takes to make it - and I believe YOU WILL!

    The fact that you even entered the contest itself - is to me MORE than those who did not.

    You are an amazing lady - and you need to keep your chin high *but not so high you can't see the monitor - LMAO*.

    And keep writing what you WANT to write and sell.

    You can and WILL do it.

    One plod at a time. *yanno plodding away*


    Lady M

  14. You will sell you art - dang... *blushes* ah well - the keyboard is my friend... I have a laptop that my kid eats over when she plays Nickelodeon. And I type without looking - a sure recipe for fun disasters!

    But it gives me an opportunity to give you another quick hug!

  15. Hugs to Lara and Jax - as women who have actually read my work, your comments are especially sweet.

    Sela - Thanks for the call, you really perked me up!

    Mel - I hear you. That kind of scoring is what makes the "no comments" thing so crappy.

    Kit - The GH is a crapshoot, plain and simple.

    Lady M - Typo or not, your comments are much appreciated! :o)

  16. Kristen.... I think this is a good omen!

    Last year, I didn't final, and was shocked. After all, my book had been requested by three agents, I'd won a Molly and maggie, and it was in revisions with a publisher.

    Two weeks later, I got an agent.

    A month later, I sold.

  17. I must say, Diana - I like the way you think!

  18. Of all the writers I know, you are the one writer I think will sell big before the rest of us.

    Don't let a contest get you down. There are better things on the horizon!

  19. Kristen, I entered THREE manuscripts in the Golden Heart and not a damn one finaled. Oh, the money! Oh, all the time I spent! Why did I do that to myself? After feeling REALLY depressed for a couple of hours, I got over it by spending the day with my kid. And I didn't think of it again for the rest of the afternoon. That right there let me know I could live with it and continue to write. I'll share a drink with ya in Atlanta to commiserate if you're going!

  20. Awww...bless your heart...(((((HUGS))))) I've been there, done that.

  21. Laine - You're very sweet, let's hope you're also very right. ;o)

    Shannon - You've got a date in Atlanta!

    Dorothy - Hugs are always good!

  22. You don't need no stinkin Golden Fart.

    You're better than that. And statistically they don't sell because of their win.

    Chin up and BICFOK.