Thursday, March 30, 2006

Dreams Of What's To Come

It's official. The dreams have begun. What dreams you ask? Dreams about Date With The Devil. This is what happens when I write - my characters fill my head so much that they show up in my dreams. Well, let me be honest. My hero shows up in my dreams. My heroine not so much. :o)

Calderon, as my hero is currently known, was rather poorly behaved in my dream. But I guess you can only expect a certain amount of civility from a werewolf. *wink*

Do you dream about your books? What do you dream? Just the hero? Or does the heroine show up too?


  1. I did once with my last book, but my WIP has yet to enter my dreams. I'm still waiting for it to grow on me.

  2. Hm... Well, when I work on the current WIP, which hasn't been much lately because I'm distracted, I dream about ghosts, and the ghosts aren't very nice. And, yes, this current WIP is about ghosts.


  3. I finally had my first dream about one of my heroes. Maybe because I connected to him more than any other I'd ever written. Gawd the man is gorgeous. Really really gorgeous. LOL

  4. Sorry but my dreams are too weird to put in a book. *lol* However, I do have visions of scenes. I've been known to zone out while I'm driving. Suddenly I get this vision of a scene, which keeps replaying over and over adding more as it does. That's why I started carrying a microtape recorder in the car. I have another at home which I take with me when I bath. Something about the water makes me very productive sometimes. *lol* If I'm shopping or elsewhere, I carry my PDA and its foldable keyboard.

    The only time you could say I'd "dream" about the story is during the NaNo Challenge. I go to nap usually thinking about the story I'm writing, mostly a specific scene, and something comes up while I nap. But that's as far as I've come.

  5. I dream about my stories all the time. Usually, I'm one of the characters. It helps me see things differently. I may not use the dream exactly, but it does give me another perspective on the story.

    I daydream about my stories alot. If there was a country for daydreamers, I'd be the High Priestess.