Sunday, March 26, 2006

Thank You

To all those who took the time to wish me well and offer condolences, thank you. Really and truly. I may not have finaled but I'm a winner when it comes to having friends in this business. You're a marvelous bunch!

Now it's time to move on and get writing. After all, I want something new to pitch in Atlanta. Anybody want to join me in a writing challenge for April? Number of pages or words, doesn't matter - you set the goal and we'll check in here once a week to see how it's going?

Let's get writing!


  1. What have you in mind?

    I'm game.

    Idea - flash - Idea... LOL!

    You know what I think would be fun?

    The SAME OUTLINE given to all the writers.

    Example: (Don't use this one... LOL we're talking cliche city.)

    Boy meets girl - girl hates boy until he does something spectacular. Girl falls in love with boy - but boy doesn't even notice her until she does something stupid.

    Set in modern day USA in New Orleans.

    Boy - John Jacobs
    Girl - Sally Sanchez

    Must include 2 animals.

    Must include 1 car chase.

    Must include 2 love scenes.

    Must end happily ever after.


    Each writer can plot it out - make it fantasy/paranormal/chick lit/romance/etc.

    But it all has to follow that plot surmise.

    And it all has to be completed in a certain amount of time.

    I love competition.

    I think that would be fun.

    Has it ever been done?

  2. In the past, we've done something similar to this at Romance Divas (not exactly this but kind of). Sort of, here's a situation - now put it in your own voice.

    And while I like the idea, I really need to spend my time writing my next book. Conference is four months away. That just about gives me time to write it and give it a once over polish. And that's if I really apply myself. Like 1 - 2 chapters a week minimum.

    Yikes. I really need to get writing.

  3. That soon!?!

    Goodness girl crack that whip!

    *hands Kristen a polishing towel for when she's ready*

    Let me know the next time youse guys put up a challenge - I'll jump on it.

  4. I'm game. Lord knows I'm slow enough, it'll take 4 months just to get the rough draft of a novella. ;)

  5. Oh, gosh. I dunno. That means if I don't produce I'm gonna get yelled at.

  6. I'm on for this challenge if we each choose our own goals. I need to start my next book too. I'm thinking April Fool's Day would be the appropriate time. :)

    You said you need to write two chapters a week to complete by Nationals. I don't think I can commit to that word count, but I can commit to one chapter a week.

    Ready? Set? April 1st go!

  7. I'm starting my very own 30/13 challenge. Haha. I'm probably insane to do it, but I really want to get this first draft written, esp. because I think the story's been marinating in my head long enough.