Monday, March 06, 2006

One Down, One To Go

Revisions on The Perfect Dish are done and the manuscript and synopsis are out the door! Getting that done is a great feeling. During the editing process, I fell in love with the book and the characters all over again. Actually laughed out loud a few times reading my own stuff. (Is that weird or am I weird?)

A friend of mine, Lara Santiago, acted as a beta reader for me on my second book, Out Of The Ashes. No one has ever read that book from "cover to cover" so it was an interesting experience for me, a little frightening, a little scary. She writes erotica and the sex in my books is either behind closed doors or non-existant (I guess I write sweet pararnormals - is there such a thing?), so I was worried that she'd find the book lacking because of that. But she said she didn't miss it and the sexual tension was definitely there. She really seemed to like it, said she laughed out loud a few times, found a few spots that needed a line or two changed, some places it could be tightened - good stuff! Now I just have to finish those revisions and get that sucker mailed off to Berkley.

So here's my question - do you normally have someone who reads your work through once it's done or do you do that yourself and hope for the best? What's your process once you've completed a book?


  1. LOL, Kristen -- you're not weird at all. I react when I go back and read my own stuff after letting it sit -- laughing at the funny parts and tearing up with the sad stuff. I think it speaks well for your writing.

    I have three crit partners who read everything I write. I'm thankful for them every day.

    I did use a beta reader for my first book, but I worry that she wasn't honest with me about it because she's a friend. My neighbor wants to read it, and I still need to print it out for her. But I know she'd be honest -- maybe that's why I've been hesitating. *g*

  2. I actually lined up ten early readers before I finished Transit Gloria.

    I like getting a lot of different perspectives, male and female, straight, gay, young, old, educated, writers - and readers. Some of their responses surprised me.

  3. Lately, I've been having to rely on myself. Cps are hard to come by. My agent has the final say though.


  4. Well, I've tried posting my stuff in critique groups but it's a very slow process. However, usually most of the people who tend to critique aren't too knowledgeable of genre, so the critiques aren't very accurate. Then I joined this critique group compromised of 6 people, and I used to have my stuff read by them. But now 4 of them are published authors, so they're very busy. Since I need quick critiques and I can't sit around waiting until they have some spare time to read my stuff, I've ended asking for available "eyes" at Romance Divas. If I'm cutting it too close to a deadline, then all I can do is edit the story the best I can and send it off with a prayer.

    Like Tanya says, CPs are hard to come by. I've tried posting, seeking for CPs, but the whole thing has always fallen through. Mind you, they've been wonderful people. But there hasn't been much chemistry between us.

  5. Well I usually have one of my pals take a quick read through. Usually it's CC or someone like her, knowledgeable in the genre I write in.

    I have on occasion had to rely on myself though. I hate having to do that, because you get too darn close to your story and half the time let simple mistakes slip right by. I don't have a steady cp..mainly because I did it once and got burned bad. So I take what I can get, but I'm very picky about what I take too.

    Ah well...good luck with your stuff at Berkley. Jeez I'm so excited for you! :D

  6. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Woo Hoo on finishing the revisions :)

    I either do that myself or have my sister read it.