Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Writer In Limbo

I have a million ideas for books. But I'm not writing.

Right now I'm waiting for responses on fulls from several editors and several agents. That waiting has put me in an odd mood. I'm okay with the waiting, but it's left me feeling directionless. There are sequels to write but I won't write them until I know the first book is going somewhere. Of course, I should start something new - and have - twice. But it sits there on the page, dull as dry pasta. The words don't excite me. Sure, I visual scenes in each book (there are no less than five ideas whirling in my head right now, waiting to be written. Eight if I allow myself to think about writing another fantasy romance.)

In case you don't know me that well, let me tell you that finishing isn't a task for me. I've written three full-length manuscripts and numerous short stories and articles. I just don't seem to have the impetus in me at the moment to get going again.

Lara Santiago thinks I need to stop being so hard on myself, allow myself a break and then regroup on Monday. It's probably what I'll do. I have Daphne entries to judge and a book to finish reading for my romance reader's group.

Has this *funk* ever happened to you? If so, what's your advice? How did you get out of it?


  1. I drink lots of coffee - or tea.

    I sit and type something - doesn't matter what - I tell myself - nope - not going to write today.

    Nope Nope Not gonna make myself write.

    Then I list all my to do things on an excel sheet I list out:


    Or something close to that.

    What: Clean the dishes
    Why: Because there is mold growing on them
    Complete: Yeah mold is gone

    Then I go to my character list (I have characters that I put on an excel sheet) - and I make them "do it" from my To do list - in their voice.

    Usually by the time I've done one or two - I'm terribly excited and off and typing again.

    It could have something to do with ADHD... I'm not sure.


    But most of all - if you don't feel like writing - the best thing you can do is NOT write. Or just dilly dally around - don't force yourself. People who force it, lose it.

    Play - have fun - write if you feel like it - don't if you don't. But do NOT beat yourself up if you don't feel like it... Unless you've made it a habit to avoid writing for a very long period of time... and then... sweetie - you need to look deep within yourself and ask what's wrong... Otherwise - just go have fun!

    Lady M

  2. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Yeah I've been in those funks before. Give yourself a little time and do other things, which you already ARE doing.

    When you get back to the writing you'll be refreshed :)

  3. I drink coffee. Martinis. I have been there... that weird place between projects. Not sure where you can go. It's really hard when waiting.
    Good luck

  4. C' happens to me every other day. :) K--you are a fast writer with so much talent, don't beat yourself up. You know I love all your stuff.

    Y'know, I believe Sherrilyn Kenyon didn't sell her first Dark Hunter book. She had to write several of the Dark Hunters before she was ever published. In fact, she sold FANTASY LOVER which led her to other sales. So, just keep writing those series books as a stand alone and you will sell one of them! That's what I'm doing with Ghosthunter.

  5. So, let me get this straight. You're taking a weekend off of writing? And this is bothering you? Naaaaah. Couldn't be our Kristen. Go find a cabana boy to ogle. That'll take your mind off the pain. ;) And could you pass out some of those "not a problem to finish a book" vibes before you go?

  6. As a matter of fact, Kristen, I'm in a funk right now. It's been going on for two weeks now, and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere.


  7. I would commiserate, but you've written three as opposed to my ..umm... almost 1.

    When I did stop due to funkage, I later realized my voice was changing. Becoming more mature.

    Embrace the funk.

  8. I'm seem to live in that funk at times. Escaping it is not always easy. Sometimes, I read a book or browse the internet for inspiration. More often than not, I find myself cleaning my desk off. Once it's clean, the funk disappears. However, I _hate_ doing it. LOL


  9. Over-achiever syndrome.
    Just do something you wnjoy and don't beat yourself over the head.
    Condition is certainly not permanent.