Saturday, March 11, 2006

Reptile, anyone?

There's a small gator (four to five feet) that's taken up residence in one of the large ponds fronting the community I live in. I see him almost everyday. Would anyone be interested in seeing a picture of this lovely creature? If I get enough positive responses, I'll take my camera and go on a hunting expedition with promises to post the resulting photos here. (He's quite handsome. I could sit and watch him for hours.)

Also, I'm trying to think up an appropriate name for him. I originally thought he was a she and had decided on Evangeline but now I'm thinking the gator is a boy. He looks lonely. Anyway, my brother had a Caiman croc as a pet once - his name was Fester. I always thought that was a brilliant moniker for such a wicked creature.

So do you want pics? Thoughts on a name? What say you, people?


  1. Anonymous3:56 PM

    I vote yes for a picture of the gator. Crockett had a gator named Elvis on Miami Vice . . . why not go with that? Or Fang is always an appropriate name for a toothy creature :)

  2. I say...what is this fascination you have for reptiles lately?
    First you hire my kids to trap lizards for you and now this.

    I'd say I want to see pictures... but somehow I know I'll be in them. I have no doubt I'll be the side kick with the short life span to compliment you "Oh Great Hunter" on a mission to get live action gator pictures! Before I know it, you'll talk me into posing with the as yet unnamed "lovely creature" as he smacks his chops wondering if I taste better with ketsup or A1 sauce.
    Crikey! I'll bet you can even talk me into poking him with a stick to see how fast he can snap those razor sharp teeth. :-)

    I vote for the name: Leave the Gator Alone and Don't Make Your Side Kick Poke Him.
    Or is that too big of a mouthful?


  3. Bonnie - I want something with more "tooth" haha! Something that hasn't been done yet.

    Lara - I'm already picking out sticks.

  4. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Crest }:)

  5. You're making me homesick. I'd like to see the picture. When I was a kid, me and my friends would trek through the swamp, hoping to catch sight of an alligator or two.

  6. Oh, pics please! As for names, Sharpie, Charlie, Duke, Wallygator, Colonel Lee...

  7. Of course we want pictures!

    I like Prada for a name. Put the fear in him - he'll stay away from *your* feet.

  8. Pics would be cool, but girl, don't get too close. Use the close up feature on the camera, LOL!

    I used to vacation in FL. We'd go all the way to Key West, which is a cool town, but St. Augustine is my fav, I do believe. I adore the history there, the atmosphere. I sure miss the ocean. Once it gets into your blood, it's there for good.

    Hmmmm... a name. Boris? I think Boris sounds like a rough and tough name, but underneath, there's always a mysterious personality.