Thursday, June 07, 2007

Be The Expert

Recently, Hotrod was telling to me about a talk he had with one of the guys who works for him. This guy was struggling a bit with his job and Hotrod gave him some advice, some pointers on how to separate yourself from the pack and find your own success. (Hotrod is a retired Air Force officer who really knows his stuff and has spoken to thousands of people at various business conferences, so he speaks from a point of authority on this.)

One of his tenets is to make yourself the expert. This really struck a cord with me. What am I an expert on that pertains to this crazy writing business I've undertaken? I'm a good writer: I know how to craft a sentence, how to tighten a paragraph so that the chaff is tossed aside, how to create realistic dialogue, characters that ring true...but am I an expert? I think I'm pretty good at networking. Maybe I'm an expert on that?

I certainly know writers who I'd consider experts on certain things - punctuation, grammar, GMC. Things I need to work on. lol

Are you an expert? What are your strong points? What do you want to work on?


  1. ex = former
    spurt = a drip under pressure

    I say be yourself. You're pretty special just as you are. :-)

  2. I know you're an expert on fashion.

    I'm an expert on creating spreadsheets. :):)

  3. Hmm... that's a good question to which I don't have an answer. I guess I never thought much about it. Thanks for giving me something to ponder this weekend.

  4. There are things I think I'm good at but who knows. I think I have a good voice but I know that other stuff needs work. Always work at learning your skills better, that's my take on it.

  5. You are an expert networker. (schmoozer)

    I am an expert diaper changer.

  6. I'm an expert at drinking.

    Does that count?

  7. I've found that I'm *very* good at sounding like an expert. ;)

  8. I'm an expert at my day job. Which is absolutely no help to the writing gig.

  9. Grammar, punctuation, spelling... All the mechanical stuff, I'm an expert at. I'm good at characterization. I'm a weak plotter, but hey, at least I'm aware of it and found myself a CP to help me with it. :D