Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My Agent Can Beat Up Your Agent

Well...I don't know if that's exactly true, but my agent rocks pretty hard. She's a great encouragement to me, even when things are slightly poopy. Yesterday she sent me the lovely lucky bamboo you see in that picture as a "pick me up" after the devastating loss of my main hard drive and 200 pages of my WIP.

And this is why I love her.

And this is why someday (hopefully soon) I'm going to write a book(s) that will make her ridiculously wealthy. Of course, it will benefit me as well. Then Hotrod can finally live the life he's been dreaming of - the kept husband who whiles away his days playing golf and driving a different American muscle car every day.

Now, I must go write. Did I mention I've lost another 2 pounds? Yep. There's going to be less of me to love at conference!


  1. Anonymous9:43 AM

    That bamboo is so pretty! What a lovely thing for her to do :)

    Yeah on 2 more pounds, Kristen!

    Keeping my fingers crossed that good things happen for you very soon!

  2. Oh, that was a very lovely gesture from her part! Congrats on the 2 pounds! You're almost in your Victoria Secret figure! Heh!

  3. I dunno, I think your agent can beat up your agent... but then again, my agent is pregnant, so she has the weight advantage:)

    How sweet of her to send you the bamboo. And I have no doubt that Hotrod will soon have his dreams come true!

  4. Oh, so sorry about your hard drive's death, Kristen. But what a nice bamboo!

  5. What a lovely gesture from your agent. Sounds like you two have a great working relationship. To be envied, for sure.

  6. I thought he already was living the life he'd always dreamed of. He married you, didn't he?
    Congratulations on the weight loss.

  7. That is the sweetest thing ever! I hope it brings you luck, although I don't think you need it. From what I know of Elaine, she is a real sweetheart!


    ps- I found your two pounds on my left butt cheek this morning.

  8. Wow, Elaine really is something special, huh. What a sweet thing to do.

  9. How sweet Kristen, Thanks for the public Thanks, I think I may be blushing.

  10. I sit across from her.. I *know* she's blushing...