Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's Gettin' Hot In Here

As you may or may not know, I once worked for Wolfgang Puck as his maitre' d - not that I ever had a thing for Wolfy - it just cemented my love of restaurants and the maddness they inspire. See, whether it's the back of the house (kitchen) or the front of the house (wait staff), restaurants are full of stories, full of personalities and full of drama. Besides that, I have a thing for chefs. You want an alpha male hero? A chef fits that bill and then some. They have to be to make a kitchen run like a well-oiled machine.

Plus, some of them are as hot as the dishes they serve. Check 'em out! Who's your favorite?

Bobby Flay - Inspiration for my chef hero in The Perfect Dish. Married to a blonde, I might add.

Gordon Ramsey - This British bad boy makes his living making the lives of other chefs hell.

Jamie Oliver - One of the nicer chefs. Like you might actually take him home to meet your parents.

Tyler Florence - Just plain cute, even if he has gotten a little fluffly lately.

Duff Goldman - Technically more of a baker than a chef, but hey, a guy that makes cakes this cool is okay with me. Plus, there's CAKE involved people.

Anthony Bourdain - The American bad boy of chefs, he's well-known for his willingness to eat anything once.


  1. OMG. Kitchen Confidential. Is that not THE book? I want one who looks like Tyler and acts like Bourdain.

    We're a kitchen kinda family. My oldest's father was a sous chef at a 4*. There is nothing like a kitchen on a hopping night. LOVE it. Oldest (who read Kitchen Confidential) is going to culinary. And we're foodies.

    One of my favorite ever memories was of going to a restaurant where a friend was the chef (he was asked to be Billy Joel's chef but turned it down-can you imagine?!) So the food? OMG. There were three couples and we sat around a huge table. He just kept bringing out plates. Anything he wanted to make. We'd eat some, and then pass the plates. It was hysterical. Best food I ever ate.

  2. Can I do a write in candidate and say my favorite is Tom Colicchio? I got hooked on Top Chef in its first season, and Tom strikes me as a straight-shooter, a hell of a knowledge base, and my kind of guy. If I had to choose from the ones you listed, though, I'd say Anthony Bourdain - probably for the same reasons - although, Bourdain is a little too 'Xtreme' sometimes.

  3. I don't really have a favorite chef but I did watch Ace of Cakes once, very interesting show.

  4. I like Eva's combination. Looks like Tyler (not quite so fluffy, maybe) with the savoir-faire and pull-no-punches attitude of Bourdain.

    And Top Chef is the best reality show on TV. Along with Project Runway. Bravo rocks.

  5. I gotta go with Duff Goldman. A man that bakes cakes that are a feast for the eyes and the tongue but looks like a bad boy biker. Perfect combination.

  6. I think Gordan Ramsey is super cute. I'd shape a character around him any day!

  7. OK, looking at those gorgeous chef photos and thinking of food made me hungry.

    I'm a huge Gordon Ramsey sucker.