Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday Funnies

Check this out: I tried posting it, but it's too big and it screws up my blog. Don't you think today is a good day to laugh? Calvin and Hobbes rules!

On another happy note, I've lost three pounds! I'm seriously getting on the diet and exercise thing as Nationals are fast approaching and I have a dress to fit into.

Have a great weekend! Hopefully, we'll finally get to see Pirates.


  1. Thanks for the laugh! And congrats on the lost poundage... I need to get on the bandwagon!

  2. That's hilarious. I love Calvin & Hobbes. Thanks for the morning giggle.

    And congrats on the weight loss. =o)

  3. Yay on the weight loss! I'm heading in that general direction myself! Off to read C&H -- my favorite cartoon of all time!

  4. Ah... Calvin & Hobbes... they're like the gurus of life. Heh! I miss their wit.

  5. Good for you on the weight loss. Go Kristen!