Friday, October 12, 2007

Alan Rickman? Not So Much

You may recall some time ago, right after Nationals actually, I did a little blog experiment where I posted pictures of Alan Rickman, along with the copious use of his name in an attempt to draw more hits on my blog. (You know, this one that you're reading right now.)

Alas, it didn't really have an noticeable effect. (That's right, Alan Rickman, hang your head in shame.)However, there is another name and mention that does with consistant results. Are you ready?

Lord of the Fading Lands by C.L. Wilson and Lady of Light and Shadows by C.L. Wilson.

I consistantly get multiple hits for those search strings. Can't say as I blame the searchers...those are probably the best books that will be released this year.
So now that you know the secret to generating more blog hits, try it and see for yourself. I'd love to hear your results.


  1. I tried the Alan Rickman thing, too. It didn't work for me either.

    but mentioning the Big Dam Bridge did.

  2. Hah! Is that how you do it? I'm thinking of putting up a big sign, free gratuitous sex and a slinky pic of... hmm Nicole Kidding-me or Elle Mc Fur Seal. I figure at this point they may be my only hope. :-)

  3. Now see, a friend of mine did the Rickman experiment too and her hits doubled! I haven't tried anything like this yet. I'll let you know when I do and which name I use to draw the hordes of people in!