Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Put Your Party Hat On!

When a bad boy grows up to be a deliciously bad man...

Tall, Dark and Filthy Rich

By Jill Monroe
Out November 1st from Harlequin Blaze!

What would you do if you hit the jackpot?

Private investigator Jessie Huell has always eschewed girlie things for the tools of her trade. She'd swap Jimmy Choos for a nightscope any day. But when she arrives as a guest on a popular Atlanta sex show, Jessie is unexpectedly reunited with high school crush and producer Cole Crawford—multi-million dollar lottery winner, igniter of panties...and bad, bad news for her.

Now Jessie is the official spokesperson for fling-havers everywhere—Cole and Jessie are doing hot, naughty things in the very same places she swore she'd avoid. As each incredible second explodes by, Jessie finds herself in deep trouble: if she's not careful she'll break the first rule of flingdom and it'll turn serious…which means she'll have to find the real dirt on Cole Crawford...because this man's too good to be true!

What Others Are Saying About Jill Monroe

" Monroe is an author discerning romance readers will appreciate for the lack or artifice, contrivance, and cliché in her narration." from Paperbackreader.net

I didn't write the phrase panty igniter, but I have more people comment about it, so I'll go ahead and take credit. Actually, I'm hosting a contest with that phrase in mind. If you e-mail one of the color of panties mentioned in the book (and there's more than 1 to choose from) by December 31, 2007 - you'll be entered into a drawing for a $25.00 Victoria 's Secret Gift Certificate. Winner announced the first week of 2008 - good luck!

Tall, Dark and Filthy Rich can be purchased wherever Harlequins books are sold or at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and eharlequin.com

And don’t miss the blog party at Gena Showalter’s blog where we’re celebrating the release of Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night by Kresley Cole and Holidays are Hell by Marjorie Liu!


  1. Too bad our local Borders doesn't carry Harlequins anymore.

  2. Kristen - thanks for hosting me!

    I know, Tempest - it's so frustrating. Our Borders still carry, it's the Barnes and Noble that doesn't.

  3. Whaaah? I can't believe some Borders and B&N don't carry Harlequin. Why?? You'd think they'd be a staple.

    *erica goggles in shock*

  4. im a blog hopper

    i like the title to that book, tall, dark and filthy rich!!

    some walmart and kmart still carry some harlquin

  5. We get Blazes in Target in Oz. In fact, I believe they're moving the M&B right up next to the checkouts to increase impulse buys.